Friday, September 4, 2009

!!!! SO EXCITED !!!!!

I leave in about 1hr to drive down to VT/GA for the long holiday weekend! I am so very excited!! We'll be going to the VT/Alabama kick off game this weekend in Atlanta GA. I've never been to GA so I'm very excited. I hope to get a lot in within the few hours we will be spending there. Pictures, sight seeing, food....oh and did I mention the game is in the Atlanta Dome? (totally don't know how to spell that word) Apparently that is an exciting thing. My brother-in-law was pretty jealous so that made me excited to know I was going some place worthy of his jealousy ha ha. I promised to at least take pictures if not buy him something from the stadium :) I'm so nice. I also just learned, as if its not in the name of the stadium as it is, that this stadium is in a dome! This also excites me. I've never been in one of those aanndd its at night time so i'm hoping I wont get as chilly? I dunno. Any ways....I'm excited! Yay!...and this blogging post took up 6 whole minutes of my times so I now have less than an hour to go till I leave! :)

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