Thursday, September 25, 2008

he's going to hate me for these pics......

So have I ever told you how weird me and the biddy are?

well we are :) and I love it. Because I am weird. And it is nice that he doesn't mind the weirdness and is willing to be weird with me!....

We do clean up nicely though, yes?

So I sort of kind of miss him since he's down in VA and I'm up here in PA...hence this blog. I mean... I'm suppose to write what's on my mind on this thing right?....can you tell what's on my mind?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Finished Product...i think

So after almost 7ish hours this is what I got. I'm not sure if I'm done with the cake decorating yet, but it is almost 230am and I think it is best for me to stop and finish in the morning.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Child of Eden- Joy Williams

Eden was perfection
A beautiful dream
There was no pretending
Everything was as it seemed
But she took the lust for life
Delivered it to man
Caving into the lies
All the hiding began
That's part, part of who I am

Chorus: I'm a child of Eden
I'm a child of Eden, I have been
But I won't look back
It's just my past
The story doesn't end
For this child of Eden

I've had Eve's eyes
Of jealousy and shame
And Adam's dispostion
To worry and to blame
But I've had days when
I found more in me
Forgiveness and mercy
And I was truly free
I know, I know that's who I am

Don't let me forget where I was without You
Don't let me forget the pain that You went through
Don't let me forget that I became Yours
When you spread out Your arms for me

I've been listening to this song a lot lately and thought I would share it with you :) Its a beautiful song to listen
to if you happen to get a chance to look it up.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

hugs or kisses?

now my problem is....hugs or kisses?

Friday, September 5, 2008

cakes and such

ok so next weekend a lady at my church, Encounters, is getting married and I offered to do her cake. Now keep in mind that this wedding is going to be VERY laid back. The wedding is actually Friday night and the "reception" is going to be Saturday afternoon. She told me that it's not even going to be a reception, but rather just a simple picnic to celebrate. She wasn't even going to have a cake, but one of her friends talked her into it. When we were talking about the cake she gave me no ideas as to what she wanted. No color skeem, no design, no nothing! She told me to just be creative and keep the cake and cupcakes vanilla and chocolate. All week I have been trying to think of what to do. Do I add color? Do I put designs on it? Do I keep it simple with just vanilla and chocolate? Finally, I decided to keep it simple. The cake is vanilla with vanilla icening and the cupcakes will be vanilla and chocolate with the icening to match. Ok, now this is where I need some help. And keep in mind that she wants it to be simple. This is what I had in mind (above). They are just trial runs, but what do you think??

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cercadillo has a piece of my heart

Last summer I spent a little over 2 months in the Dominican Republic serving with TIME Ministries. Along with 4 other interns I helped groups of Americans who came down for a week build a chapel from scratch or do street ministries and work in a village called Cercadillo. Cercadillo is a relatively large village outside of Santo Domingo. The people there are what some refer to as "the unknown" or they have no birth certificates. The dear people of this village are undocumented so the government refuses to recognize them. They are unable to go to school and are unable to get normal, steady jobs. Well about a year ago a lady named Ina "adopted" the village and has been working to give the children a chance at school. This past summer she started a program for them to start teaching them to read and write in spanish and to begin learning a little English. The kids are extremly excited to have this oppertunity. On top of teaching these kids there are other projects too. Every Friday the women of the village come to learn to sew things such as skirts, pillows, bags...ect. It was amazing to see the women complete these projects and how they were so proud of themselves and of eachother. Relationships were being made between the women. It was really neat. Two other projects that were completed this summer in Cercadillo were 2 bathrooms were built and 2 hand pumped wells were built. In one of the pictures above I am filling buckets full of water. This is how the people of Cercadillo used to have to recieve their water. They would have to wait for someone with a well to come and hook it up and fill their buckets. Sometimes this would only happen once a week, which would leave them with very little water to work with. This water is their cooking and bathing water. Now though since the new hand pump wells they are able to get their own water whenever they need it. Its very exciting..... So that is my little spurt on the village of Cercadillo. PS how can you upload photos without them going to the top of the page??

Monday, September 1, 2008

Adventures are good

So this past weekend I took a little trip to visit the biddy (biddy=the bf...just an fyi). That would be us :)

I started my adventure on Friday right after I got out of work at 2. It was rainy and yucky outside and I'm not gonna lie I was not looking forward to what was suppose to be a 5.5 hr drive to VT. Now I say "suppose to be" because this trip took me almost 6.5 hours due to getting lost.....twice. I swear I've never been that bad at directions, but when the GPS is telling you to turn left and there is NO LEFT! I got confused and freaked out. I don't do a good job at staying calm when I get lost by myself. If there is other people with me then I think it's hilarious, but not when I'm alone. Then it is no fun. I get there around 8/ 830. FINALLY. Its amazing how all the frustrations of the drive just seemed to melt away when I got there :)
So yea, that night we went to one of his friends apartment to chill. Kind of akward since I didn't really know anyone, but thankfully I'm realativly decent at being some what sociable and made it through the night. ha ha ok so that made it sound like it wasn't a good time. It was a great time! We played apples to apples (one of my favorite games to play) and these people were pretty funny, so really...what could go wrong?
Saturday was a lazy day. Not much went down. Watched some football (well Brett watched football....I think I was working on school stuff, but don't worry. I wasn't working on school too hard. That would be out of character for me ha ha) However, something in character for me is the kitchen. Or so I thought. I deffinitly made spagettii for dinner that night. And you would think that spagettii is very easy to make. Boil some water, brown the meat, simmer the sauce....and I did all these things. I swear! And yet it turned out kind of weird. Thankfully I don't think B would tell me he didn't like it and he ate it like a sport. So the first "meal" I made was kind of a disaster (or so in my mind it was). I guess I'll work on that. At night we went for a nice walk and met a dog who I named Buddy. He was just walking around doing his own thing until we came by and he seriously followed us forever. Then this chick drove by and saw him, stopped, got out and took him! It was sad. Bye Buddy :(
Sunday was church. If I remember correctly it's called NLCF. No idea what that stands for, but it's the campus church there. It was the third time I've been there and I really really like it. I enjoy the worship and the pastor(s) there and I think the program(s) they have going on there are really neat too. It makes me want to get involved with something here, but I have yet to figure out how to add that into my schedule. The rest of the day was, again, a lazy day. My adventure was pretty relaxing :) OH! ps, so VT apparently is ranked like number one when it comes to their food on campus, ok? So B and I go and get burgers. Holy freakin crap! Really good burger! I think I got one called 'old hickory burger'. yeah ham, burger, bacon, bbq sauce and cheese. It hit point. So good!
Then comes today. I had to travel home. Still a bit bitter about having to be back....anyways....I left around 115pm after meeting up with B for lunch inbetween his classes. Ya know, not that I thought it was going to be easy to say goodbye, but I think that each time we have to say bye it's going to get harder. I guess in an odd way that's good, right? It wouldn't be too good if saying bye was easy. The trip home went much better. I made it in 5.5hrs like your suppose to :) So a nut shell that was my fun, little adventure this past weekend :)

ps. the answer to the last riddle was a hole.