Friday, September 4, 2009

!!!! SO EXCITED !!!!!

I leave in about 1hr to drive down to VT/GA for the long holiday weekend! I am so very excited!! We'll be going to the VT/Alabama kick off game this weekend in Atlanta GA. I've never been to GA so I'm very excited. I hope to get a lot in within the few hours we will be spending there. Pictures, sight seeing, food....oh and did I mention the game is in the Atlanta Dome? (totally don't know how to spell that word) Apparently that is an exciting thing. My brother-in-law was pretty jealous so that made me excited to know I was going some place worthy of his jealousy ha ha. I promised to at least take pictures if not buy him something from the stadium :) I'm so nice. I also just learned, as if its not in the name of the stadium as it is, that this stadium is in a dome! This also excites me. I've never been in one of those aanndd its at night time so i'm hoping I wont get as chilly? I dunno. Any ways....I'm excited! Yay!...and this blogging post took up 6 whole minutes of my times so I now have less than an hour to go till I leave! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Year 2....

So I know it's kind of late to be writing about this, but...Last week I took Brett back down to school for his Sr. year of college. Thank God! This will be the last year spent so far apart! While I don't want to wish my life away, I am so very excited for this year to be over! I treasure every second I get to spend with him and sadly during the school year that time doesn't come but every other weekend. Maybe I'm being selfish...?...I know of others who are in much worse situations. But I can't help that I want so badly to be with him all the time. After 16 months the kid still gives me the craziest butterflies I've ever felt. This weekend finally marks 2 weeks and I'll be heading down to visit for a long weekend :) Just thinking about it right now makes me smile from ear to ear. Friday can't come soon enough!

I miss this.