Monday, October 13, 2008

I hate snakes

Today was a glorious day. I had no work and no school! There was no paper to be written, no reading to be read, no test to take, no lecture to listen was amazing. So on this wonderful day Lauren and I (ps Lauren is a girl I work with) decided to go hiking somewhere in MD. The weather was perfect and since the leaves are changing color it was absolutely gorgeous! we hike to the top of this...mountain?....and we're pretty proud of ourselves (even though I'm pretty sure it was the easiest hike I've ever done). The view was really pretty and after we took it all in we started to make our way back down. Now on our way back down we ran into a sign that we didn't see on the way up. It was nailed to a tree and had small red writing on it, so in order to read it you had to get real close. As our noses are seriously inches away Lauren starts freaking out and runs away...leaving me by myself to discover the BIGGEST FREAKIN SNAKE right by the sign my nose was inches from that I have ever seen in my entire life... outside of a cage that is. Needless to say I ran away, but later ventured my way back over to take this lovely little photo that I am going to share with you :)

How the heck we didn't see that sucker I do not know!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This Was a Bad Idea

Well hello everyone. Soooo.... Ash had the brilliant idea of letting her "biddy" (as i am affectionately called) log into her blog account since she is rather inconsistent with her postings. One small detail she may have overlooked in doing this was the fact that I have access to countless pictures of her. Many are of her looking gorgeous; however, there are those few where she is acting shall we say... silly (I figure that's a safe adjective to use)? and of course I being the loving and kind boyfriend will show you the former... haha in your dreams, so here goes. Please enjoy as I do!

What was the story behind this one? I don't know. I guess it's "The Tin Man Goes to Whoville" or something of that nature.

GOOD JOB HUN! You got up on top of that car all by yourself.

Jeremiah and his wife Bobby Jo are expecting sometime this month.

I'm not entirely sure who took this picture, but either that's a great fence or you missed.

FYI this is what you may find if Ash gets ahold of your camera.

...and this

...and probably this

And here we see Ash's childhood dream of being a unicorn coming to pass.

And I figured I would throw a really amazing one of her in here just for good measure. And thats all I have for now. But who knows? Perhaps I will be back when you least expect it. Thank you all for your undivided attention and let me give a special thanks to Ash for providing us with these stellar pictures. Your great babe!